Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ARTAG?

ARTAG allows you to document your art, save it to the cloud and access the information with a simple tap of a mobile device. 

Once you document and save the information about your art to the ARTAG cloud you associate an NFC Tag to the data. This small NFC Tag is then discreetly placed on your art and when you tap this tag with a mobile device your data will be retrieved and displayed.

How does ARTAG work?

The ARTAG platform cosists of 3 elelements.

1. The cloud, where you login and store information about your art.

2. The NFC Tag which you associate with your data and place on your art

3. The access to your data via a mobile device.

When you sign up for ARTAG you will be gain access to your own secure area where you can add all the required information to describe your art. This could be the designer, design period, manugacturer and images of your art. Once complete you then assign a unique ARTAG to your information and place this, discreetly on your art. This could be in a drawer, on the back of a sideboard or behind a painting.

When someone wants to find out about your art they can access all of this information with a simple tap of a mobile device. All the data, including your images are then shown on the web browser of the mobile device.

How do I link a ARTAG tag to my art?


Each ARTAG has a unique number printed on the front. When you have completed your art listing you associate this number with the listing. You then place this ARTAG, discreetly, onto your art.

When a person taps their mobile device to the ARTAG, all your listing details will be displayed on their mobile browser. No app is required.

What happens if I lose my ARTAG device?

If you lose your ARTAG tag or it is removed from your art you can simply update your ARTAG listing and assing a new ARTAG tag number.