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Art means different things to different people; collectors of MCM furniture may see a statement piece as art, where iconic items from iconic designers can bring power to a room just like a painting or sculpture.

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Accurate and upto date research into each object is fundamental to the validity of the ARTAG. The originator of the ARTAG is responsible for providing accurate information on an item.

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The ARTAG platform allows you to document your art listings to the cloud, associate an ARTAG tag to this listing and access the information, using NFC technology, with a simple tap of a mobile device.


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DealerAs a dealer you will have accumulated a huge knowledge base with researching objects. This knowledge can now be directed into the ARTAG and passed on to your client. You and your client will have a comprehensive listing of the piece. As a dealer the Artag will enhance the sale of each piece and provide your client with assurance that the item is genuine.

Auction HouseAs an Auctioneer you will have seen technology transform the business; auctions taking place online, bids coming in from all parts of the world and valuations being made via mobile devices. Artag takes this transformation a step further with a simple tap of a mobile phone on the tag to reveal a report on the peice.

CollectorAs collector of particular objects you may carry out research into each piece. This research can now be uploaded onto an Artag and archived to create a catalogue of your collection. An Artag will also help if you decide to sell the piece on as the new custodian will have an instant snapshot of the item.

What is ARTAG?

ARTAG is an adhesive tag that is placed discreetly on any piece of art. It is created by the dealer, collector or auction house after extensive research into the object. The tag is then activated with a mobile device to access the information source for the art; an ARTAG on an item of furniture could include; images of key design features, date of piece, designer, manufacturer, materials used, restoration work carried out, condition report and in some cases specific details that identify the piece as original.